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McKinley Village Homeowners Association

Clubhouse Facility

The clubhouse facility is only available for residents (Owners and McKinley Village Tenants)

The McKinley Village Clubhouse Information

The McKinley Village Clubhouse is for residents (owner-occupied or renters) and their guests only. Anyone accessing the clubhouse, gym, or pool facilities for McKinley Village use must be accompanied by a resident or owner. Below are the general rules and hours of operation.

  • Gym and Clubhouse Hours: 5am-10pm – Daily Including Holidays
  • Clubhouse Facilities use is served on a first-come, first-served basis. See below for instructions on reserving the Clubhouse for private use.
  • Please clean up after yourself and guests returning the clubhouse to the state prior to use.

Thank you for your interest in renting The McKinley Village Clubhouse. You must be a McKinley Village Owner or Tenant in good standing to apply. Business-related events are not permitted.


  1. Ensure date is available
  2. Signed Agreement Sent to Landmark (Stacy is current rep) – Download HERE
  3. Email completed form to
  4. Deposit and fee received (check only)
  5. Proof of Insurance Received

Use the “Book Appointment” button -or- select a time below to reserve a date.

If you have an existing account, you can also login and reserve the clubhouse.

When all the required items are received, your pending appointment will show as confirmed and you’re reservation will be locked in. If you have any questions, please contact

It is recommended that this agreement and all deposits, payments and insurance arrangements be made as early as possible to confirm your reservation.

Reservations confirmed less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the event may not be accommodated. Reservation forms shall be mailed with payment and proof of insurance to or mail to: Landmark Limited, 1731 E. Roseville Pkwy, Suite 100, Roseville, CA 95661

$300.00 Fee (8 hours), $150.00 Fee (4 hours) and $1,000.00 Security Deposit. Two (2) separate checks are required for the Security Deposit and fee. Both checks can be made payable to: The McKinley Village Community Association. Event Insurance is also required, please see pages 2-3 for details of required coverage. ALL ITEMS ARE DUE (1) WEEK IN ADVANCE TO YOUR EVENT. The security deposit will be returned within fourteen (14) days after the event unless inadequate cleanliness and or incidental damages are found. Cleaning and Damage fees will be assessed and deducted from the security deposit. Clean-up includes wiping clean all tables and chairs, bagging of all trash, removal of all personal items, and securing all doors to The Clubhouse. The McKinley Village Community Association reserves the right to increase the deposit if heavy equipment, furniture, decorations, etc. are going to be used during the event.


A General Liability provision of $1,000,000.00 naming the above parties as additional insured.

The address of the facility is: 3340 McKinley Village Way. Sacramento, CA 95816

Your homeowner’s insurance representative should be able to facilitate this change to your existing policy. If not, you must purchase special event insurance to provide the required coverage.


Member has exclusive use only for facilities in which a non-refundable reservation fee applies for the duration of the reservation. Association will not reserve the facilities for more than one event for a given time; however, Member acknowledges that the Association is not granting

Member exclusive use of the recreation facilities (Gym) in which a non-refundable reservation fee does not apply for Member’s event (i.e., other Members may use the recreation facilities (Gym) during the Member’s event). Member agrees to exercise control over Member’s event and guests such that other Member’s using the facilities are not inconvenienced or disrupted.

Member agrees that The Clubhouse will not be used for commercial or fundraising purposes without the prior written consent of the Association’s Board of Directors. Member agrees that the recreation facilities will be utilized for Member’s benefit, or for the benefit of an immediate family member of Member and that Member must be present at all times during the event. Violation of this and/ or any of the Rules and Regulations of The McKinley Village Community Association may result in the loss of a security deposit and the potential future suspension of reservation privileges. If necessary, the Association reserves the right to hold a hearing and thereafter assess an Owner for damage to the common area or non-compliance of the Rules & Regulations. Member also agrees to pay all of the Association’s attorney fees in the event of a dispute over this Reservation Agreement.

Thank you for your interest in renting The McKinley Village Clubhouse. You must be a McKinley Village Owner or Tenant in good standing to reserve the clubhouse. Business-related events are not permitted.

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Select Clubhouse Reservation Time Block

Please select either 4 hours or 8 hours depending on your requirements. Minimum of 4 hours required.

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Simply put, do a password reset for the email in question.

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Simply make a new reservation for the clubhouse and the system will automatically detect if an account already exists. If the email on file hasn’t been used to populate a previous clubhouse reservation, then it will automatically prompt you to create an account and password. 

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