Mckinley Village - Pool and Gym Reopening FAQ’s

Please note these are subject to change at ANYTIME and if so you will be updated via email through Landmark.

Q- I have a question or concern regarding pool/gym reopening or process who do I reach out to?
A-  For fastest response, you can submit a trouble ticket HERE or email to reach a member of the volunteer team.

Q- Must I have a reservation to use the pool for open swim / lap swimming?
A- Yes. You must have a reservation.

Q- May I bring a guest or family member currently visiting and staying in our home?
A- NO. At this point ONLY residents who reside in the home may sign up and utilize the pool & gym.

Q- How many open swim/lap swim pool times may I make per week?
A- You may ONLY have 3 standing (future) reservations per week. Once a reservation has completed you may book again.

Q- If I see the pool is empty can I just go?
A- If the pool appears to have only a few residents you can confirm with the scheduling website or the pool monitor that open reservations exist and sign up for the remainder of that block at that moment.

Q- What do I need for entry to the pool?
A- You must have a photo ID, a face mask, a reservation and have signed the liability waiver.

Q- What if I am not able to be at the pool exactly when my reservation starts?
A- Your reservation will be held for you, if you can’t make it please be curious to your neighbors and cancel asap.

Q- I tried to book at a specific time and am unable?
A- If you are unable to access that block of time it is already booked to the maximum capacity. You can always check back for cancellations.

Q- May I bring in additional chairs for my family?
A- No, at this time no additional seating is allowed to maintain 6ft of social distancing requirements.

Q- Are we able to utilize the clubhouse?
A- Not at this time. As we continue to open in phases and at such time we can be certain that we can comply with the regulations/guidance set forth for COVID-19 safety measures we will update the community.

Q- I have children, who has to have a mask?
A- All children over the age of 3 years old MUST have a mask upon entry and wear when not in the pool or unable to social distance from those who are not members of their household.

Q- Why are the reservation blocks 1:45?
A- We will need residents to leave promptly at the quarter hour to ensure enough time to disinfect the pool area for next session of residents.

Keep the McKinley Village Pool Open!

The county/state requires that Pools & Gyms have an employee or approved member available to restrict access due to usage limitations (33% of capacity). The HOA does not have a full time pool monitor available this summer, thus we require community volunteers to fulfill this requirement. If we don’t have a Board Approved monitor, the pool will be unavailable for use during this time. To learn more about why we have implemented these restriction, click below.

Why Volunteer ?

  • Unrestricted Pool Access for household…more pool time!
  • Does NOT count against three standing reservation slots 
  • Get to know neighbors!
  • Check People in….help facilitate cleaning/wipe down by members
  • Pool closed for time slots without volunteer!

McKinley Village Resident Registration

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