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McKinley Village Residents Garden

Got Dirt? The MKV GARDENS Committee has been established by the HOA to provide soil-filled raised-bed garden plots for the use of residents within the Association.  Located in the fenced area of 3605 Troy Dalton Street are 32 garden parcels that are assigned annually by application to reserve and utilize spaces to plan, plant, grow, and harvest vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants.

MKV GARDENS has an established HOA Charter, Policy, and User Application and Agreement to administer plot assignments, use of plots, and cultivation standards.  Annual plot fees are $20-$30. Each individual gardener is responsible for their own plot and the yielding or the production of which belongs to the individual.

Access to the fenced area is through a coded gate, and community garden tools are housed in a small shed on the property.  Paid-for water is provided for each parcel and garden users are required to utilize drip or soaker-hose watering systems.  Only organic pesticides or fertilizers are allowed.  

MKV GARDENS has proven to be very popular with residents that are enjoying a healthier active life style, access to fresh produce, and a community-based learning environment.

There is a wait list for plot assignments. For questions, concerns, or to be added to the community garden wait list, please inquire by email.

Garden Inquiries