Emergency Rules for Reopening Pool, Gym and Clubhouse

Covid-19 Reopening

The primary goal of this reopening plan is to give MKV neighbors equal access to community
facilities while promoting safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. These emergency rules are
based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the California Department of
Public Health , the Sacramento County Department of Public Health and HOA attorneys.
This reopening plan is the first in many phases. Modifications to this plan will be based on the
compliance of the residents in the community and our ability to enforce regulations and
recommendations from the State of California, Sacramento County and HOA attorneys.

This reopening plan is the first in many phases. Modifications to this plan will be based on the
compliance of the residents in the community and our ability to enforce regulations and
recommendations from the State of California, Sacramento County and HOA attorneys.

NOTE: Residents who violate any terms of use, fail to comply with social distancing requirements, do not follow direction or instruction from pool monitors, management or designated personnel, will be subject to immediate membership discipline to include, but not limited to, the suspension of facility use privileges.

Residents Must Maintain Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • Avoid entering the facility if you have a cough or fever or have been sick in the last 14 days.
  •  A minimum six-foot distance should be maintained between individuals (from different households) at all times.
  •  Individuals should sneeze and cough into their elbow or a tissue and then sanitize or
    wash hands.
  •  Wash hands frequently. Avoid touching common surfaces. Keep hands away from face,
    mouth, nose and eyes. Monitor children closely.
  •  Use your judgment; if you are in a high risk category, remain at home whenever possible
    and avoid non-essential travels.
  • Please note social distancing markers around the parameter of the pool and maintain social distancing in restrooms and communal areas.
  • Wash hands or sanitize after touching pool handrails, doorknobs, outdoor shower facilities, restrooms doors.


Provide physical cues, visual cues, and signs to ensure that staff, patrons, and swimmers stay at least six feet apart from one another, both in and out of the water. (e.g., tape on the decks, floors, and sidewalks)


By the end of the Summer of 2020, there will be 352 homes and an estimated 1,000 residents in McKinley Village.

GYM: The standard maximum occupancy is 17 in the clubhouse gym. Under the reopening plan, occupancy will be reduced to ⅓ of normal capacity – a maximum of 5 people at any time.

POOL: The standard maximum occupancy is 228 for the entire pool deck area and 178 in the main pool. The standard amount of lounge chairs is 54. Under the reopening plan, occupancy will be reduced to ⅓ of normal capacity – a maximum of 70 people at any time. To ensure 6 feet physical distancing, there will be 39 lounge chairs available for use in designated areas.

CLUBHOUSE: (standard maximum occupancy is 152) Under the State of California’s regulations for reopening, the MKV Clubhouse is classified as a “Family Entertainment Center.”

We are awaiting guidance from Sacramento County on what modifications need to be made upon reopening. At this time, the Clubhouse remains closed to public and private events.

Reservation System

Access to the gym and pool is only granted through the reservation system at www.mkvhoa.com . Each household will be allowed to reserve 1 slot per day, but no more than 3 standing reservations at a time. No guest will be permitted to use the reservation system – ONLY MKV residents. No guests are permitted to enter the facilities at this time.

Each resident will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability for themselves and all residents under the age of 18. In doing so, they acknowledge that their use of the McKinley Village facilities is at their own risk and neither the Association’s Board of Directors, Management, agents or vendors, warrant or imply, that the facilities are free of the COVID-19 Virus.

POOL: Each reservation slot will be 1 hour and 45 minutes, daily starting at 10:00 a.m., 12:00p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

LAP SWIM: Each reservation slot will be 45 minutes. 1 person per slot.

GYM: Each reservation slot will be 1 hour, daily starting at 5:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.

Gym Modifications

  • Residents must maintain 6-feet physical distancing
  • Physical distance markings on ground
  • Certain equipment will be inaccessible
  • Installed sanitizing stations and other cleaning supplies
  • The doors connecting to the Clubhouse and its restroom will be locked and inaccessible
  • Each resident will be required to clean equipment with disinfectants after each use
  • Facilities will be cleaned at the end of each da

Pool Modifications

Entry & Check-In: There will be a single point of entry to the pool area for your reservation time.

A photo ID will be needed to verify each reservation. Face covering/masks are required during the check-in process and encouraged in the pool area if physical distancing is not an option.

Face covering/masks are not permitted in the pool. No resident shall open a gate or door to provide access to outside person(s). The pool tag system will temporarily be suspended during this time period.

Departure & Clean-Up: At the end of each 1 hour and 45 minute reservation and neighbors leave, the pool monitors will spend 15 minutes sanitizing high-frequency areas, including lounge chairs, door handles and handrails.

Cleaning: The chemical levels in the pools will be maintained at disinfectant levels (1-10 ppm free chlorine or 3-8 ppm bromine and a ph level of 7.2-8). The pool house restroom will be cleaned at the end of each day.

The spa remains closed at this time. Water fountain will be disabled with signage. No swim lessons will be permitted at this time.

Ad Hoc Committee on Reopening Community Facilities

The primary mission of the Ad Hoc Committee on Reopening Community Facilities is to make recommendations to the MKV HOA Board on Gym, Pool and Clubhouse rules & regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic, while adhering to Sacramento County and State of California guidelines and recommendations. The scope of the committees work may include:

● Electing a Chair/Vice-Chair/Secretary/etc
● Establishing a communications system ( support@mkvhoa.com)
● Set a meeting schedule
● Conduct community surveys
● Develop and conduct volunteer trainings
● Volunteering for monitoring and cleaning
● Manage the reservation system
● Support monitoring system
● Stand-by and Drop-in system
● Verifying release forms signed with reservations
● Considering special hours/days for Seniors & immunocompromised neighbors
● Consider special hours/days for lap lane swimming Adopted.

Keep the McKinley Village Pool Open!

The county/state requires that Pools & Gyms have an employee or approved member available to restrict access due to usage limitations (33% of capacity). The HOA does not have a full time pool monitor available this summer, thus we require community volunteers to fulfill this requirement. If we don’t have a Board Approved monitor, the pool will be unavailable for use during this time. To learn more about why we have implemented these restriction, click below.

Why Volunteer ?

  • Unrestricted Pool Access for household…more pool time!
  • Does NOT count against three standing reservation slots 
  • Get to know neighbors!
  • Check People in….help facilitate cleaning/wipe down by members
  • Pool closed for time slots without volunteer!

McKinley Village Resident Registration

By submitting, you affirm that you are a resident or owner of a property in McKinley Village.